During our beauty & skincare shootings for PRO Academy I realized, that although I truly loved the creative makeup looks as well as the whole postproduction process, I also longed for pictures with a completely raw, unretouched and analogue look. Putting the highly retouched images in confront with the unretouched and seemingly analogue ones, I’d like the viewer to celebrate the pure beauty of all these women.


Beauty and Skincare for PRO Academy

Models: Gloria Heesen (Cocaine Models), Paulina Pantel (Cocaine Models), Jana S. (Brodybookings), Whoopy Laurenco, Alexandra Armina (IMM), Joelle (Brodybookings), Elisa di Fina (East West Models), Carena Schüllner (Brodybookings), Lucia Möllenbruck (SMC Modelmanagement)

Makeup Artists: Khatara Samad, Venus Chanana, Sina Mannherz, Sonja Roxana Musa, Anna Oliveri, Moana Bonk, Concetta di Nardo, Marzena Wrobel, Lena Vierhaus, Anna Ferich, Eylem Kurt, Rim Abou El Ella