PUNK’S STILL ALIVE for L’Officiel Baltics

Rebellious and progressive – this is what punk music always was about and shall always be.

A lot of women* and BPOC (such as X-Ray Spex singer Poly Styrene) formed and influenced the punk and metal scene, and nowadays numerous women-led bands like Voice of Baceprot are breaking traditions and making sure that the scene is getting more intersectional. Yet, there’s still a lack of female* representation at festival line-ups and in the music scene in general.

This editorial is an homage to all powerful girls* and women* who try to grow and rise in a world that consists of way too many gender-related boundaries.

PUNK’S STILL ALIVE for L’Officiel Baltics

MakeUp Artist: Claudia Astorino

Hair Stylist: Sebastian Salas Rodriguez via Nina Klein Agency

Stylist: Phuong Mai Nguyen

Model: Zhong Yang via TUNE Models